David Burger from TASHA Presents HARTH Foundation with a check for $3000!  We are so honored that they have chosen to sponsor us again! 


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Upcoming Classes & Events

Horse Assisted Therapy for Veterans "As prey animals, horses are hypervigilant until they learn they are not in danger. ... Because of their own hypervigilance, veterans with PTSD easily understand and can relate to the trust and hypervigilance in a horse."  Read more about Horse Assisted Therapy.

Want to get involved with our mission?   There are many ways that you can help!

Give a one-time donation.  Any amount helps and no donation is too small! 

Give a recurring donation.  We can automatically process a recurring donation for as long we you like - you pick the end date. This type of donation helps us better manage our finances since we can count on a certain amount of donations for each month.

Launch your personal fundraising campaign and invite your friends and family to give gifts towards your goal.  Want to launch a birthday campaign?  Instead of receiving gifts for your birthday, why not donate your birthday and help impact lives of our veterans. 

Donate 'in kind'.  We are always looking for supplies, feed, hay and so many other things!   Check out our wish list!

Volunteer!  We welcome all the help we can get!

Sponsor a meal for a veteran's session.  This can be as simple as hot dogs and hamburgers for the group!  Just a casual meal for the group to enjoy and converse over.

Donate your expertise for the organization.  We require all kinds of professional help to keep the operation running smoothly.  This is everything from carpentry, plumbing, electrical to legal, accounting and more.  If you have a special skill that you would like to contribute, contact us directly.