Waldmond, aka "Giggles" is a gigantic 18 hand Danish Warmblood that is built to compete.  He has fantastic confirmation and has a perfect jump!  He has competed across the US for many years and now enjoys just hanging out at the farm!  He is quite mischevious and if we don't chain his stall door closed, he will have it open in less than a minute.  He has opened his stall door more times than we can count but never leaves the farm!  He just opens his stall, and goes outside to eat grass.  Of course he acts quite innocent when someone gets him to go back to his stall!  He also has a game he loves to play - the 'where is your tongue' game.  If he is feeling relaxed, and asked where his tongue is, he will stick it out the side of his mouth!  Definately a horse with a big personality!