Zar Zagano (aka "Zar") is a gorgous 17 hand Danish Warmblood that was foaled in 1992 and imported from Denmark in 2000. He has had a steady showing career showing all over the US in the jumper divisions. His last show was in the High A/O Jumper division at the Pin Oak/Spring Gathering Horse Shows and he went out the winner! Now he enjoys the farm and is always begging for treats as soon as someone walks by his stall.  

As a retired jumper, he is still quite athletic and even surprised us all when he easily jumped the arena gate and went back to his stall during a Liberty lesson in a Horsemanship class.  As the oldest, we tend to cater to his every whim. He is always fed first, and he loves his homemade pureed carrots and applesauce (created with love by his favorite volunteer Linda).

He doesn't seem to mind being catered to, and is always the first to greet you when you walk in the barn.

A funny thing about Zar is he will always sneeze on the volunteer when you are wiping down his eyes and face.